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Turning off De-dup for specific forms

Question asked by 4305addbdfd8cc87fbfd04fa6c3cc696ffc1b59b on Jun 13, 2013
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We have an automatic trial download process that starts with the creation of a lead in, conversion to a Contact, and then creation of a Self Service Portal user.

We started this process before Marketo was installed, using Web2Lead.  Instead of matching any lead and de-dup'ing, we actually let the process run to create a specific contact for the purpose of setting up the portal user.

Now, we're using Marketo forms, so we can track behavior, setup scoring, etc.

And our process isn't working, because the "new" lead isnt' being created for the auto-convert to a contact.

Any ideas on how to turn off de-dup for a SPECIFIC form?