What is the ToutApp and Highspot integration?

Tout now supports integration with Highspot, a content management system. Tout customers who are also Highspot customers can now access their Highspot content right from within the Tout interface.


You’ll need the following in order to use the Tout integration with Highspot:

  • Browser - Latest versions of Chrome and Safari, Edge, IE, and Firefox

In addition to working in ToutApp in a browser, the Highspot integration is available in our Outlook .Net email client. The requirements are as follows:

  • Outlook .Net & Exchange - Tout supported version of Outlook .Net, Exchange Online, Exchange 2016

NOTE: Tout’s Gmail extension currently does not support Highspot integration

Enabling the ToutApp and Highspot Integration

How to Use the Integration

Once enabled, here's how to access your Highspot content in Tout.

1. When composing an email in ToutApp or Outlook, choose 'Add Content'


2. After choosing to 'Add Content' select the 'Highspot' option

Highspot_Enablement_Guide_-_Google_Docs (1).png

3. Now, enter in your Highspot account email

Highspot_Enablement_Guide_-_Google_Docs 2.png

4. Enter your Highspot account password

Highspot_Enablement_Guide_-_Google_Docs 3.png

5. Select the content from Highspot you would like to insert into the email or template

Highspot_Enablement_Guide_-_Google_Docs 4.png

6. Once you select your content and click on ‘Add Content’, the content is inserted into the email or template.

Highspot_Enablement_Guide_-_Google_Docs 5.png

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