The ToutApp's Sales Gong icon on our platform that's easily accessible inside of Gmail, Outlook, and Salesforce - it will totally revise the way you and your team will celebrate closing deals!

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Four reasons why it’s greater than your average Gong

1. SHARE your success with the team

“Tout” from the rooftops your success with the team! Hitting the Gong at the end of a deal will give you a personal celebration at your desk, and also alert team members of your win.

2. LEARN from closed deals

Better understand how a deal comes together from start to finish-- yours or a co-worker's. Want to know the messaging that was used to win it? Or learn a sentence or phrase you hadn’t yet thought of? You can track and see the exact emails that were used to close the deal on our Analytics page.

ToutApp's data will help you see: which templates were used, which got the highest number of views (if one got 38 vs. 5), and which ones just aren’t working. By looking at the conversation flow, you can see the direct messaging that resonated with the client and which pain points increased engagement.

3. MAKE your life easier

The Gong automatically updates your opportunity information into Salesforce. There’s no need to go back and forth between screens and programs. Just one click, and the celebration begins!

4. GET Competitive

The Gong fosters a healthy competitive environment. It’ll push you to hit and exceed your quota, and it’ll reinforce that a win is achievable AND doable. Keep on fighting for it and the whole team will gain in effectiveness.

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