What happens when I sync my Tout tasks with Salesforce the first time?

Great question.

When you first turn on the sync between Tout and Salesforce tasks, we will import your Salesforce tasks into Tout. But WILL NOT push over any current tasks you have in Tout to Salesforce. To reduce clutter and duplicates, the only tasks that will get synced from Tout into Salesforce are tasks created *after* you sync Tout with SF.

Here's the low-down on what happens when you sync Tout and SF tasks:

1) As soon as you click save on tasks syncing, they will begin to sync over. This will take some time initially, so don't panic.

2) Any reminders that have been updated or created in the last 24 hours will be pulled in from SF to Tout. The sync is based on due date and .

  • All of those tasks will get synced over in the backend, but in command center, you will only see tasks due today and tomorrow

4) If sync has been turned on previously, and you delete any tasks in SF, anything that has been deleted in the last 15 days will be deleted from Command center.

5) We'll constantly sync tasks between Tout and SF as long as sync is enabled.

After the initial sync, any tasks you create, edit, complete or delete in Tout will sync over to your tasks list in Salesforce. And, vice versa - anything created, edited, completed or deleted in Salesforce will update your tasks list in ToutApp.

To turn on this sync, just check the sync box in your Settings page in ToutApp.com.

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