Introducing ToutApp’s Support Form

We know that by the time you have gotten to the point of submitting a ticket to a support team, you are likely frustrated.  You have asked the person sitting next to you, you searched the help center, and probably even googled your question.  We have redesigned our help form to help alleviate this frustration.

Knowing the type of questions our customers tend to ask, as well as best practices for how to get great support, we have rebuilt our support team with three goals in mind:

  • We want to get you an answer as quickly as possible
  • We want as much information as possible up front
  • We want your experience with support to be fun

We want to get you an answer as quickly as possible. 

By following our new Form, we will guide you to what we know to be the most commonly asked questions as well as suggested articles related to the issue:

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If we don’t Nail It, you can click Contact Support...

By clicking Contact Support you are already giving us great information.  The first thing we are passed is the path you followed to get to this page.

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With this information, we are able to provide customized questions:

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We want as much information as possible up front - don’t be afraid of TMI

Assume that we know nothing.  Stating “your product doesn’t work” is going to set you up for a long set of email exchanges.  Take the time now to give us all the information we might need upfront to save us a longer conversation.  Put your elementary school English lessons to work and come in with the Who, What, Where, Why, and When.

Who needs help?  If you need help, tell us your username so we can easily look you up.  If you are submitting on behalf of a teammate, tell us their username.

What are you trying to achieve? Tell us the steps you are taking to get to a certain outcome, and tell us what the outcome is you are expecting.

Where are you running into trouble?  Tell us exactly the page you are on when this is happening.

Why are you submitting a ticket?  Did it not work as expected?  Do you need an explanation of how something works?  Tell us Why the What didn’t work.

When does this happen?  Did it happen once or does it happen all the time?  Were you also watching Stranger Things and playing PokemonGo?  Help us understand the scenario you are in so we can help diagnose it

We have geared the questions presented to provide all this information - so by filling them out, we are able to save at least one email exchange.

Screenshot, Screenshot, Screenshot!

Now is your chance to be that uncle with 1000 photos from his fishing trip in Wyoming.  Add a screenshot of every step in the process.  Send a screenshot of the error message you see.  Adding Screenshots helps us to reproduce your issue faster and diagnose what is going on.  Save us having to ask for the screenshots and add them in the first place.  There are countless tools that are easy to use(Skitch, Monosnap, Annotate, etc). Shoot, even take a picture of your screen with your cellphone. 

We even added the ability for you to tell us ahead of time that you have everything up to date so you can avoid us asking it 🙂

2016-10-06 at 2.16 PM.png

We want your experience with support to be fun - Flirt With Us a Little

Okay so you don’t have to flirt, but definitely have some fun.  Working with support can be frustrating, so we hope that adding our faces to the form will at least give you a chuckle. 

So then, when you submit your ticket, crack a joke, add a meme, give us a nickname, tell us something awkwardly personal, whatever your preference, we can guarantee this will make your support experience so much better. 

Not only does it make our job better, it will make your experience with the product feel better.  If you tell us you hit a wall include a great meme or gif:


You are going to laugh and feel lighter and ultimately love your experience with support and the product.

We are excited to get this new form in your hands, and look forward to getting you answers as quickly as possible and having a blast while doing it.

If you are interested in learning best practices and accessing our trainings, check out Tout University!

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