How to use "Push to Tout"

Our Push to Tout button will take a list of your Leads/Contacts in Salesforce and push these contacts into a group in ToutApp. From here, you can quickly send off a customizable group email with Tout tracking attached. You can Push to Tout from list views of Leads/Contacts


How To

1) Click on the Lead/Contact tab in Salesforce

2)Toggle to the List View you would like to Push to Tout next to the Go button

3) Click Go

4) Select all the leads/contacts you want to be pushed to tout

5) Select Push to Tout


6) A new window will appear verifying the number of Leads/Contacts you would like to push over. Select 'Proceed to Group'. Toutapp will not push over any contacts marked as Email Opt Out in Salesforce or Unsubscribed in ToutApp.

ToutApp will add this group titled "SFDC-......" to the Relationships page on

From here just select "Email Entire Group" to send out this group email!

It's as simple as that!

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