How to Create Your Priority Call List in ToutApp

Learn how to create a priority report/call list using ToutApp email engagement data to focus your time on the people or opportunities with momentum.

Step 1: Go to your Account in Once you complete the steps below you will have a ‘Priority Call List’ saved in your ToutApp to prioritize your warmest leads/ accounts, reengage leads/ accounts that have gone dark, capture the low hanging fruit, decrease the time to connect between your campaign touches.

download (3).png

Step 2: Complete Steps 1 - 7 Shown Below

  1. Click ‘View Options’
  2. Time frame of 30 days or last 6 months for a more strategic & longer sales cycle
  3. Select Views & Clicks
  4. Sort by # Of Events (or you can also sort by ‘Most Recent’)
  5. Select & Organize Columns (See Recommendations Below)
  6. Create a bigger list
  7. Final Step ‘Save’ Using the name ‘Priority Call List’

download (4).png

Recommendations for Columns to Display

download (5).png

Step 3: Start Calling & Connecting Using Your Priority Call List

download (6).png

ToutApp will automatically pull in your phone number, your lead/contact’s phone number from Tout or Salesforce, automatically log your call & notes to Salesforce (if you are using Salesforce as your CRM). You will also have the option to use local presence & call recording.

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