FAQ: Marketo ToutApp’s New Look & Terminology

We are excited to announce that Marketo ToutApp has a new look! Beginning March 15, 2018 you’ll notice a sleek new color palette and updated terminology across the ToutApp application.  While the look has changed, all of your existing ToutApp features and functionality will remain the same.

Why am I seeing the Marketo logo in the application and not ToutApp?

Marketo acquired ToutApp in 2017, and since then, it’s been brought into the Marketo product portfolio.

Is anything changing in my ToutApp subscription or plan?

This update only applies to the Marketo ToutApp branding and terminology used across the application. Nothing in your current subscription plan will change.

Why change the ToutApp color palette?

We’ve updated the color palette for a more visually engaging experience and to better reflect the Marketo brand. You’ll now notice a Marketo purple palette rather than the previous ToutApp blue throughout the product.

What other field names have changed?

Throughout the Marketo ToutApp application, we’ve made changes to the terminology. You’ll find that we’ve replaced the words Tout/ToutApp with either Sales or Marketo. Here are a few examples:

Old Field/Button Name
New Field/Button Name
Login to ToutAppLogin to Marketo’s Sales Product
ToutApp ToolbarSales Toolbar
Get ToutingLet’s Engage
View Details in ToutView Details
Get Help with ToutAppGet Help
Upgrade ToutUpgrade your Plan
Unexpected Tout ErrorUnexpected Error
Email Touted!Email Sent!
Tout and Salesforce are chatting it up right now. Please hold tight.We are chatting with Salesforce right now. Please hold tight.
If Tout detects an OOO reply, we will not count this as a 'reply' and will continue the Campaign. If we detect an OOO reply, we will not count this as a 'reply' and will continue the Campaign.
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