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Welcome to the Marketo Support Solutions Blog!


The Marketo Support team is full of ideas and thoughts that we want to share with our customers, so from time to time you'll see updated blog posts from many of our team members with helpful hints and tips of using Marketo, different tricks you can try to achieve certain results, maybe some interesting workarounds, and news from the world of Marketo support.


If you haven't guessed it yet, the partnership that I am talking about in the title is the one that Marketo Support forms with you, our valued customer.  Your success in using Marketo and achieving your business goals is the focus of everyone in our Marketo Support organization, from our Technical Support Engineers to our Support Managers.  We're here to build a relationship with customers in order to best meet their needs for their organizations and there are a few ways that customer can help us achieve that mutual goal.


It's Broke.  Fix it!

If you submit a support case and tell us something is broken, we are ready to jump to take care of it for you, but before we jump, it would be great to have a general idea of what we are going to jump into.  The adage, "The devils in the detail" are no where more right than in submitting a case to our support team.  A few things to consider before you hit the submit button:


  • What action where you trying to perform?
  • What error messages are you receiving?
  • What steps do you perform to re-create the error?
  • Screenshots to show the errors
  • Links to any assets associated with your case
  • Exact names of any Programs, Campaigns, Forms, or Fields
  • URLs for any external pages that are part of the issue


Our team may still come back to you with questions, but they will likely be more specific and targeted on what the solution could be.


Be Sure to Learn Well Grasshopper...

Our support engineers will do their best to work on resolving your problems, provide you some instruction on how to do something in Marketo, they might even go the extra mile to assist you in diagnosing some problems due to custom work that you may have done, but something our team isn't really in a position to do is to tell you, how you should be using Marketo.  We have a lot of other great teams at Marketo that we can direct you to if you have questions like that.  Be sure to leverage all the resources Marketo offers to maximize your journey towards your goals.


Marketo Education - Classes and Courses focused you teaching you the ins and outs of Marketo and Marketing Automation

Marketo Services - Need some custom help or development?  The team to call on for all your custom needs

Marketo Customer Account Managers - Need that that Best Practice paper for a Marketo Drive Play that really get your strategy solidified, contact the account manager to all your needs


Feedback - Bring on the Applause or the Call to Action

It is always nice to know when we are doing things right.  It helps validate the time and effort our teams invest into trying to deliver the best possible customer support experience out there, but we will also be the first to admit that we aren't perfect and sometimes we have some misses.  We really value the feedback of our customers, cause there is no support goal greater than being able to provide the tools and solutions that our customers need.  So when you have the opportunity, and a little time, be sure to take advantage of any support survey, feedback option, or poll that you encounter.  We'll continue to get better as long as you continue to want us to.

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Hi Kenneth-

Great post - couple of questions, one suggestion, and possibly one bug/issue.


To facilitate the type of detail submission that you mention (which I fully support!), will the interface of the Case submission be changing to direct more of the "guided" details that the support team needs/wants?

Also, is there a way to change what tab it defaults a user into when you click into the My Cases functionality (i.e. going to My Cases versus About)? 

Is there a way to hide previously authorized (now not authorized) support contacts from showing?


A back-up or multiple Support Admin functionality - with timezones, vacations, etc - there is often a need to have more than one person be authorized to do these changes.

Possible Issue:

Might be something minor to look into - but the survey frequency apparently did not migrate from the old environment to this one correctly - it was set for Everytime for me but I had been previously One/Month.  Not sure if it was just me - but I've corrected my own record but wanted to give a heads-up in case it was systemic.



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This is great! +1 to Brigid Greeway​'s suggestion for more detailed support specs based on case type. Jackson Cheung offers tactical requirements before answering each questions, and it's super helpful.

E.g. Program Campaign not working:

Program Name in Marketo

Program Link in Marketo

Screenshot of error

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This Has been Great to know about.

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I've had a decent amount of interactions with the support team for both small and large issues. They get a major thumbs up, always patient and always understanding. And most of all, always helpful.

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Very helpful thanks!

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The link has not been updated in Mission tab under the reputation section in profile. It gives an error.


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Level 9

Based in n my recent interaction with support, this totally makes sense. They were very helpful. A big thumbs up to them!

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Oh and I just noticed, the URL to this blog has still not beeb updated in the missions page. I found this link via a discussion thread. Would be great if it could be updated in the missions section as well

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Still not updated. Found this post from an Idea to correct the mission.