Testing Roadmap Example - Tradeshow Lead Nurture

this is an example doc used in this post that shows how to create successful nurture programs

Lead Nurture: Tradeshow Prospects (EXAMPLE)


4 touch email campaign for new tradeshow leads, to encourage product adoption.


By sending a 4 touch email nurture to our tradeshow leads, they will be more likely to create an account than if they weren’t sent it. By staying top of mind after the tradeshow is over, leads will be curious to explore what Optimizely can offer.

Baseline Conversion

Out of all tradeshow leads created last year (10,000), 20% of them created an account (2000).


Increase create account conversion by 15% (2300 leads for current year)

Baseline conversion = 20% (2000 leads)


New leads coming from tradeshows. (target audience around 10k leads for this year).


Cadence: 1x week over 30 days

Email Content