Marketing Nation at Summit: Product Keynote Recap with Brian Glover

It happens. You were under a work tsunami. Or better yet, you were on a long overdue vacation. Whatever the reason, you missed the product keynote announcements at Marketo’s Marketing Nation at Adobe Summit this year, but not to worry, we got you covered!

This is one of the most exciting times to be a marketer in the history of marketing. The “art” and “science” of marketing are coming together in ways previously unattainable. And we get to create epic end-to-end experiences for our customers bringing together content and more data than ever - from the person to the account - made ridiculously actionable through artificial intelligence.

This marks the moment when customer experience management arrives for B2B.

Next are three ways Marketo Engage (formerly Marketo Engagement Platform) will transform B2B marketing 2019 together with Adobe Experience Cloud and our partners.

1. B2B Experiences Require Compelling Content and Creative

Nothing speaks more to the heart and soul of marketing than creative. And it has a real impact - according to Nielsen, 49% of sales lift can be attributed to creative. And now as part of Adobe, the company that’s driving business through digital experiences and known for its leadership in content and creative, marketers will be able to have the perfect images for every campaign right at their fingertips in Marketo Engage.

Asset Selection - Access a whole world of content for your campaigns through Adobe Experience Manager Assets, right as you’re creating a campaign within Marketo Engage. Minimize the back and forth with the Creative team with immediate access to all your approved assets.

Creative Editing - With content editing from Creative Cloud embedded inside Marketo, your perfect image can be cropped, rotated, resized and more. No need to import and export images to modify them, now basic editing capabilities will be available in Marketo Engage.

Getting amazing creative for your campaigns will be easier, faster and less stressful.

2. B2B Experiences Are Fueled by Intelligence, Data, and Scale

The biggest missed opportunity for marketers today is storing, managing, and using all of the data we have to deliver exceptional B2B experiences.

At Adobe Summit 2019, Adobe announced Adobe Experience Platform, the industry’s first real-time platform for customer experience management (CXM). We’re plugging Marketo Engage right into the heart of the Experience Platform to unlock a new, data-rich era for B2B marketing.

With all your data in one place, regardless of source or type, you’ll have a unified picture of all your target accounts, and the people within them. One way to use the power of this consolidated data is sharing audiences across the different technologies in your marketing ecosystem.

Audience Sharing - Create highly personalized experiences across every channel by sharing audiences across and between Marketo Engage and Adobe Experience Cloud - Audience Manager, Target, Ad Cloud and more.

This will be the data platform that fuels the B2B experience revolution… keep an eye out for more announcements throughout 2019.

Data is also the cornerstone of measurement and Marketo acquired Bizible last year to give every marketer pipeline and revenue attribution across every marketing and sales touchpoint. In 2019, data and visualization start coming together across Marketo Engage and Experience Cloud.

Bizible UI Refresh & Visualizations - Bizible is getting a new look and feel as it joins the world of stunning visual analytics from Adobe. And this will come with new visualizations, like an entirely new view into the buyer journey from the individual to the account to an aggregate view.

Historical Data from Adobe Analytics - If you use Adobe Analytics, you can bring your historical web data with you to Bizible for B2B attribution.

One of the most powerful value-enablers of data is artificial intelligence (A.I.). It promises to improve relevance, create deeper engagement, and improve your business results. And now, Adobe Sensei is accelerating our vision to build A.I. throughout Marketo Engage.

One area we’ll use A.I. to completely transform marketing is Events & Webinars, where marketers spend ~25% of their budgets, according to Gartner.

Predictive Audiences - Get the most value out of every event, especially in-person events with a financial commitment, with the ability to discover the best audience to invite. Machine learning identifies people who are likely to register, or attend, and even finds lookalike audiences based on previous successful events. Plus, track goals and progress, get A.I. powered forecasts for your goals, and recommendations on how to meet your goals.

3. B2B Experiences Are Account-Based Experiences

As account-based marketing (ABM) continues to move into the mainstream, marketers are still struggling to go beyond point-in-time campaigns, stay coordinated with sales and get their arms around their data given an ever-expanding technology stack with new ABM point solutions. The result is disjointed experiences for customers - far from the promise of ABM.

We’re on a mission to simplify ABM and put people and experience at the center of your ABM strategy. We call this Account-Based Experiences.

It starts with a solid strategic foundation to identify the best accounts to pursue, and put marketing in the driver’s seat when it comes to target account planning.

Account Profiling - We’re expanding our A.I.-powered account selection capability to go beyond the accounts you have in Marketo Engage. Now, find accounts like your very best customers out of a universe of 25 million companies. Get insight into what makes an ideal account you can use for segmentation and personalization. And, get a simple A-D grading for these accounts in seconds to minutes using machine learning and nearly a billion data points from across the web.

One of the most important channels for discovering contacts in your target accounts, and engaging them throughout the buyer journey, is paid media. It’s one of the easiest and fastest ways to scale your account-based efforts, and now you can use Marketo Engage to reach target account audiences Across a massive network of B2B media sites, display, search, TV and hundreds of Ad Networks.

Adobe Ad Cloud Integration - Share target account audiences with Ad Cloud to reach them throughout the buyer journey through a broad range of ad channels, properties and formats.

Demandbase Integration - An expanded integration gives you the ability to target accounts identified with Marketo Engage across Demandbase’s premium B2B ad channels and properties.

LinkedIn Integration - Reach the world’s largest professional network with an expanded integration that now syncs target accounts from Marketo Engage regardless of whether you have contacts or leads for those accounts.

Liveramp Integration - Share target account audiences from Marketo Engage with a wide range of AdTech offerings for the broadest reach and scale.

Finally, one of the most important channels for creating account-based experiences is the 1:1 human channel, Sales. But it isn’t infinitely scalable. Luckily, Marketo partner Drift, the leader in conversational marketing, makes it far more scalable by automating chat conversations on your website and connecting Sales at just the right moment.

Drift Integration - Use everything you know about people and accounts in Marketo Engage to personalize chat bot conversations with prospects on your website. Set up a meeting or introduce a live sales rep into the conversation at just the right time.

Connect experiences across channels with Marketo Engage as your center of orchestration, from awareness to consideration to conversion, for every person associated with every target account - that’s how you deliver account-based experiences.

This our vision for how the art and science of marketing come together to drive experience. Stay tuned throughout the year for more on our mission to give you the best customer experience management solution for B2B.

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