How to Submit a Support Case for Marketo Measure (Formerly Bizible) as a Marketo Measure Only Customer?

As a Marketo Measure only customer, you need to be set up as a Marketo Measure Only Support Contact to submit support tickets for Marketo Measure through the Nation ( IMPORTANT NOTEAlthough user management for Marketo Measure is done through the Admin Console (, support for Marketo Measure is still done through the Marketo Nation support portal. 


In order to get set up as a Marketo Measure Only support contact, you will need to reach out to the Customer eXperience and Identity team (CXI), formerly the Customer Care team, by emailing and request to be added as a "Marketo Measure Only Support Contact". NOTE: The Customer eXperience and Identity team may require approval from your Account Manager (CSM, SAM, VSM, etc.) before setting you up as a Marketo Measure only support contact. If you can copy your account manager on your email or have them submit the request for you, this will move the process forward quicker.


Once the CXI team has confirmed that you need to be added as Marketo Measure only support contact, they can create your support contact profile and provide you with your login credentials.


Once you have your login credentials you can access your support portal by doing the following:
1. Navigate to
2. Click on ’Sign In” in the upper right hand corner
3. Click on the ‘I am an Adobe Marketo Measure (Formerly Bizible) ONLY customer or an Adobe Marketo Engage Sales Connect ONLY customer’ button
4. Enter in your credentials

5. Click on the 'Support' tab across the top of the page


You are all set! You can now create and manage your support cases as a Marketo Measure only customer.