Anonymous Lead Upgrades – Analytics Reports

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Since the “Is Anonymous” filter is being removed, Analytics reports won’t be able to add it into the smart list of the report. The “Is Anonymous” filter will be taken out of the available filters that can be chosen, but is not removed from any Smart Lists where it is currently in use. For more information about removing the filter, please visit the Customer Action documentation here.


Reporting on Anonymous Web Activity

Just because the “Is Anonymous” filter is being removed doesn’t mean you can’t get reports on anonymous web activity. The Web Page Activity Report and the Company Web Activity Report will continue to show anonymous web activity. To get anonymous activity to show in the report, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the Setup tab and double click on the “Activity Source” setting.

V2 Report setup to show anon.PNG

2. In the dialog box, select which source you'd like to view. Your report will now show anonymous web activity!

V2 Show Anon web report dialog box.PNG

activity source note.PNG

Affected Reports

Not all Analytics reports allow smart lists, so not all Analytics reports will be affected by this upgrade. The reports below will be the ones affected and will have the "Is Anonymous" filter removed:

  • Web Page Activity
  • Company Web Activity
  • Email Performance
  • Lead Performance
  • Engagement Stream Performance
  • Email Link Performance
  • Lead By Revenue Stage
  • Leads By Status
  • Sales Insight Email Performance

Affected Analytics Reports.png