In the Fall '16 product release, we upgraded the user interface for the Predictive Content (formerly Content Recommendations) application and also added Predictive Content for email.

Predictive Content is the place to nurture and engage your web visitors and email recipients with the most relevant content, powered by machine learning and predictive analytics to boost your content consumption, increase engagement rates and deliver more conversions at scale.

This doc explains how to access the new Predictive Content App.

NOTE: The Predictive Content App is a separately sold product by Marketo. It rolls out for existing Predictive Content App customers (and older RTP customers who had content recommendations) by mid-January 2017.

On your My Marketo page, if you see the Predictive Content App tile (image below), click on it and this will take you to the new Predictive Content App.


On your My Marketo page, If you have the Real-Time Personalization App tile (image below), click on it and access the Predictive Content App through the drop down menu in RTP via the Content Analytics or the Predictive Content link (image below).


If you do not have any of these tiles in you My Marketo Page, Predictive Content is not enabled on your account.

The new Predictive Content App looks like this:


For Documentation and more Info please see: Predictive Content - Marketo Docs - Product Docs 

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