Wrong Data In GetActivityTypes API Response

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Wrong Data In GetActivityTypes API Response

Is anyone seeing incorrect data in the marketo rest API. For example when I call the  "Get Activity Types" method. I receive a response back which contains this record:

{'name': 'Delete Lead', 'description': 'Delete lead from Marketo database', 'primaryAttribute': {'name': 'Remove from CRM', 'dataType': 'boolean'}, 'id': 37}

However when I actually pull sample data back for this activity type (37), I get something like:

{'id': 18, 'primaryAttributeValue': 'nick', 'activityTypeId': 37, 'activityDate': '2016-01-25T21:57:26Z', 'leadId': 1, 'primaryAttributeValueId': 1, 'attributes': []}

This is very inconsistent because my code thinks that the primaryAttributeValue should be a boolean but in fact its a string, and appears to be the lead's first name.

I believe this issue extends beyond that of activity type 37. Has anyone seen this behavior or have an actual source of truth on this stuff?


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Re: Wrong Data In GetActivityTypes API Response

I agree! This is a bug as the PrimaryAttributeValueId + PrimaryAttributeValue are actually Lead Id + Lead Name.

The related Activity Type 29 (Delete Lead from SFDC) has the same issue.  And in both cases, I don't know what happens to the boolean that's supposed to mean, "Also deleted from the other side."

There's also the minor unexpected behavior that a failed Type 37 appears in the lead's ActLog with an exception, yet cannot be queried.  This would be expected if the Activities endpoint solely reflected successful actions, but if you compare to Type 110 it's not consistent.  Again, this is minor.