Re: Workspaces, Lead Partitions, Smart Campaigns Reach

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Workspaces, Lead Partitions, Smart Campaigns Reach

Hi, hope someone can assist with the following scenario.

Working in an organisation with several business units, I have the example setup:

Workspace 1 has access to Lead Partition A
Workspace 2 has access to Lead Partition B

Suppose I have a program in Workspace 1 which has a landing page with a form and a smart trigger campaign monitoring form fillouts. A new lead fills out the form and thus enters Lead Partition A. The smart trigger campaign of the program in this workspace also triggers for this lead.

If a copy of this program is in workspace 2 and the same lead fills out the copy form afterwards:

1) The smart trigger campaign in the program in Workspace 2 will not trigger. I assume this is because workspace 2 does not have access to the Lead in Partition A

2) No duplicate is created.

3) The details and the activity log of the lead in Partition A details are still updated.

Is this the default behaviour of how lead partitions work in Marketo?

If so, is it possible that there might be some "custom settings" Marketo support can modify so that in this scenario:
i) Another lead record "with the same email address" is created in Lead Partition B. The desired result is that if the lead fills out a form in workspace 1, the smart campaign in workspace 1 triggers for the lead record in partition A.
If the lead fills out a form in workspace 2, the smart campaign in workspace 2 triggers for the lead record in partition B.

ii) If the above is not possible, would it be possible to have the smart campaign in Workspace 2 still able to trigger despite the lead is in partition A?

I read the discussion at but I'm not sure if Custom De-duping is related to this problem.

Looking forward to some suggestions.

Thank you for your time.
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Re: Workspaces, Lead Partitions, Smart Campaigns Reach

We have a complicated set up of our instance similiar to yours, from how you described it.

I have a question - Do you want to have intentional duplicates in both instances?

In our instance, we do have intentional duplicates. could be a contact for Partition A and could be a contact for Partition B. We have separate marketing teams and activities for the various business units and nothing they do affects the other partitions, unless...

And here is the kicker. If you don't make sure that all of your forms and smart campaigns reference the business unit. All of our Marketo forms have the hidden field "Business Unit" which puts them into the right partition. The all of the smart lists include the filter "Busines Unit = XYX" so we search the right things.

If you don't put the business unit on EVERY SINGLE RECORD, you can run the risk of your leads going into the default workspace or into someone elses workspace. In that case, they might get picked up for campaigns you didn't intend.

I hope what I said makes sense. I'm happy to help more. 
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Re: Workspaces, Lead Partitions, Smart Campaigns Reach

I'd check these articles

Also why is Lead A finding WS 2 content? What exactly are your rules for dividing the WS and Partition?

I recommend Carey's solution and adding a partition management flow to your Default or each WS so that if you encounter problems you can push leads between Partitions.
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Re: Workspaces, Lead Partitions, Smart Campaigns Reach

Hi Carey and Josh,

Thanks for your answers and suggestions.

Carey: We might want to have intentional duplicates if the following is possible:

1) Lead ( fills out form in WS1 on, becomes part of partition A and gets MKTO record ID 1. Smart trigger campaign activiates for MKTO record ID 1

2) Lead ( fills out form in WS2 on, duplicate is created by MKTO (as WS2 has no access to partition A) and gets MKTO Record ID 2. Smart trigger campaign in WS2 activites for MKTO record ID 2

3) If lead surfs related domains, MKTO record ID 1 activity log is updated

4) If lead surfs related domains, MKTO record ID 2 activity log is updated


Josh: Our organization has business units which are "competing" for the same lead and they would prefer if each business unit has their own "lead record" for keeping track of lead information related to each business unit. We were under the assumption that if the lead, who is in Partition A, fills out a marketo form in WS 2 (which does not have access to Partition A), a duplicate would be created in Partition B and / or the smart campaign in WS 2 will put the lead into its flow. MKTO will be smart enough to handle the lead depending on which forms / websites the lead interacts with.

After running tests, it seems that this is not the case. The WS 2 smart trigger campaign will not run and the lead record is deduped to partition A. I'm guessing this is standard behavior given how partitions are meant to be used to "restrict leads from certain content." (e.g.  Geographically like in the community article).

I also understand that duplicate leads are bad as "if the lead clears cookies", then MKTO record will just pick the "latest updated record" to use when web activities occur.

So I was wondering if there is some "custom settings" Marketo support might have that can tweak this behaviour.

Another solution is to use multiple MKTO instances sync to one instance of SF but I would like to see if anyone in the community has a similar situation to ours or confirm this behavior before we seek MKTO support for further assistance.

Cheers all.


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Re: Workspaces, Lead Partitions, Smart Campaigns Reach

I think what we do would work for you. The key is that every form you have must have the business unit on it as a hidden field. Our Marketo admin has a rule that says if Busines Unit is "A" put on partition A, if business unit is "B", then put on partition B. If there is no business unit filled out, the lead goes into the Default workspace which is sort of a neverland of leads. You can go find them, but they rarely show up in smart lists. That is only because we make sure every smart list include Business Unit = A.

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Re: Workspaces, Lead Partitions, Smart Campaigns Reach

HI Carey,

Greta explanation. We are about to implement a solutions very similar to the one you described. We are using a hidden  "Division" field and Lead Partition Rules to intential create duplicated across multiple lead partitions.

Do you have different websites for your different business units? I ask because we have multiple business units represented on a single website with a single Marketo Cookie. In my intial testing the cookie appears to overide the Lead Partition rules and just updates the original record without creating a duplicate in the other partition. Have you had any similar issues?

Thanks a lot,
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Re: Workspaces, Lead Partitions, Smart Campaigns Reach


We've experienced something similar. I was told that cookies will recognize the visitor and NOT create another purposeful duplicate. The way around this is to disable cookies, but then you lose a lot of data and can't do progressive profiling. This has been our final frontier of purposeful duplicates, and we are still trying to find the answer. We dedupe off email address AND business unit, rather than just email like most people. We've had to do the same thing that Carey did, which is update all forms with business unit as a hidden field, as well as include business unit on all list imports--otherwise a non-purposeful duplicate will be created. It's been a struggle, and I'm surprised, with all the people doing this, that there isn't a better solution. I guess the optimal solution is to just have separate instances for each business unit or division....but of course that's not always an option. Good luck, and let me know what you find!
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Re: Workspaces, Lead Partitions, Smart Campaigns Reach

Hi Cam,
We have multiple business units sharing the Marketo instance, and 3 of those business units share a website. For the websites that are separate, everything is pretty straightforward and we have no issue.

For the 3 business units that share a website, we have some complications. Here is how we accomplish it.
(a) On general pages, such as the home page or Contact US page, we have a form where a person must select their interest from a drop-down list. Based on what they select, their form gets funneled to the correct business unit's instance
(b) On product specific pages where the page is very clearly dedicated to a particular business unit, our web developer used some java script or code that tells the form which page its on. You could do this using hidden fields in Marketo.

Now, I will say that in regards to the cookies and web activity tracking. Suppose I have a lead '' in my database and a co-worker in the other divison also has that lead, we might both see his activity in our Marketo instance. Does that make sense? So for things like lead scoring and lead activity. We don't have activity that is triggered off of website visits, so for us its not a big deal.

If you are using that web activity to trigger any action, such as Visits website 3 or more time > Send an email, you will run the risk that activity on another divisions pages will trigger activity from both your instance and their instance.
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Re: Workspaces, Lead Partitions, Smart Campaigns Reach

Hello Jason,

Great discussion here. But did you ever determine how to get a lead in partition b that hits a webpage and triggered smartcampaign in workspace 1 to trigger the campaign in workspace 1?  Or is the only answer to create a duplicate lead in workspace 1/partition b?

I have not see these cross workspace trigger campaigns working as I hoped (and was told) they would. Our issue is that we have lead scoring rules in two workspaces with leads that are in different partitions (not a 1:1 alignment), but the leads are used in campaigns in multiple workspaces.