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Workspace and lead partitions

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We have many global events and we need to send follow-up emails to those who attended. The issue we have is that the leads sit in different workspaces and when uploading the data the leads need to be placed in different partitions in different workspaces. This effects the send out of the follow-up program for those leads which sit outside of the workspace the event was created.  

Does anyone have any hints or tips on how to get around this? We have lead assignment rules set up to sort leads into the correct partitions. 

Any advice will be warmly received. 

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Re: Workspace and lead partitions

We moved to sending this type of emails from a partition that could see all of the records using segments/smart lists/etc to pick correct people. Leads are in their correct partitions and some only see that workspace, but in situations like you are describing we just use the workspace/partition that can see all records.

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Re: Workspace and lead partitions

That does work.

Another option is to disable the Deduping flag on the backend and then you can let your normal Partitioning work.

Then you take the master list, upload just the fields you want to a special WS/LP and you send the follow ups from there. The downside is you lose the reporting data on the actual lead. But it's an option for certain situations where you can't mix data across Workspaces or with SFDC.

Jackie's method definitely takes a step out and you'd need to have such a WS anyway to upload the leads so they are processed centrally anyway. The concern I would have is the wrong marketer having access to ALL the data and possibly using the wrong lists to send the follow up if that person isn't used to having full access.