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Checking in on this thread. Has anyone gone through with the Workfront and Marketo integration? If so, what are your thoughts? Thanks! 


- Katelyn

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so having chatted to Workfront:

It connects to AEM (the adobe website CMS) out of the box

If you want to connect to Adobe Marketo Engage.... you have to buy Workfront Fusion licenses, which is expensive... so not sure anyone will have done so.


I suspect people will wait for Adobe to scrap the v1 Workfront and release something on the Adobe architecture that integrates better.


The Workfront team sent this as a case study:

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My company is using Workato & Jeto to push email campaigns from WF to Marketo. 



  • When already using Jeto, it saves time and training. They don't have to learn Jeto on top of the rest of our tech stack
  • Saves us some time copy-pasting from WF requests 


  • Not everything integrates. For example, the email banner must contain an image file link, or it won't work. We have to manually upload images from WF documents to the design studio.
  • Requestors don't realize that changes after request submission don't go through. We do this on purpose (to prevent accidents and multiple people fiddling with an email) but this causes confusion. It also means changes are manual for us email creators

Overall I'm glad we've built out this integration (which we luckily had the resources for) but I do wish some WF objects integrated with Marketo to make the process smoother

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Hi @Catzilla - thanks for sharing these great insights. I work on the Product team at Adobe and it would be great to talk about this more. I DM'ed you details. 

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make a native connector from WF->Marketo thats not a paid extra 😉

I'm moving from Wrike to Jira as service management, cant justify paying adobe extra $$ to integrate its own products!