Wordpress Pop-Up Form to Download - Need Suggestions

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Wordpress Pop-Up Form to Download - Need Suggestions

My company is trying to sunset their old automation system, Drip, and we're migrating all living programs into Marketo.


However, Drip has functionality built in to its platform that connects to our Wordpress blog and allows us to publish a pop-up prompting folks to download the relevant content. We can specify which blog pages should get the various pieces of content. 


I'm trying to find a manageable way to continue doing this in Marketo. I would prefer not to have to manually go into each post and set up the artwork/form/path/etc. 


Can anyone recommend a way they solved this problem in their Marketo instance or what tool/integration they are using with their Wordpress site to do something similar?


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Re: Wordpress Pop-Up Form to Download - Need Suggestions

No reason you couldn't use a little Forms JS to pop up a Marketo form that gates content specific to each page.


There would have to be a pointer to the content somewhere on the page -- for example, a <link rel="enclosure" href="https://download.example.com/a/specific.pdf"> in the <head> would be semantically appropriate. You could of course include any other descriptive info as well, and then use the Marketo Forms JS API to dynamically switch the thumbnail image on the form and the form's follow-up (Thank You) asset/page.


You could store the whole page-to-asset config in one big JSON file if you wanted, and serve that file from Marketo (a Design Studio asset) -- that too would work in conjunction with the JS API.  But there too, Marketo itself wouldn't know what you were using it for, all of the business logic & config would be on the client side in JS.


Marketo does not offer a central place to link non-Marketo pages to specific assets/actions/popups unless you add on the Web Personalization module, which is a whole other ball of wax.