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Wistia Integration Play Percentages

We have just launched the Wistia integration and have had a problem where we don't see any activity past "Video Played." For example, we are not seeing 25%, 50%, 75%, and I know people have taken these actions. Wistia has informed us that it is likely a Marketo issue, and that it has happened before, but they have not otherwise provided a resolution.

Has anyone experienced similar issues or have a fix for it?

Kim Burditt
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Re: Wistia Integration Play Percentages

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Re: Wistia Integration Play Percentages

Hi Kim,

I'm not as familiar with the new REST API-based integration, but I did write a homegrown system before Wistia offered native integration that can do this. I'd like to do some legwork directly with Wistia on this as I see you're not the first person to complain in recent days, but if I don't get any traction in the next week or so I'll just release the older way of handling this to the community so there's at least some measurement in the meanwhile.

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Re: Wistia Integration Play Percentages

Awhile back (I am not sure of the exact timing), Wistia changed the names of videos in Marketo from "Wistia Video:" to "Wistia Video -" appearing in the Visits Web Page Trigger and Filter. This small change threw off all the trigger Smart Campaigns in our instance. To prevent further changes causing errors, we now use Visits Web Page contains "Title of Video" - Played", excluding all text before.