Where to host forms?

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Where to host forms?


I just wanted to see how best to handle the issue of the form being hosted in a different domain to the website.

It seems if you want contacts to identify themselves from a marketo hosted form fill out and see their browsing activity on your website this is now possible. As the domains are separate.

I was advised to host my forms in Marketo and this works very well but Im not seeing a contacts browsing history.

It looks like the only solution is to host the marketo form within the website url, but this presents other issues.

Just wondered how others are using forms to identify customers and see there web activity in addition to their marketo form activity.

Thanks in advance


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Re: Where to host forms?

Not sure I completely understand. I usually embed my forms into a web page.

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Re: Where to host forms?

Hi Mark,

I am with Scott, not sure if I understand your question also.

You can use Marketo forms on nonMarketo landing pages.When you say "form being hosted in a different domain to the website", do you have the munchkin code on the domain name/website you are embedding the Marketo form?

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Re: Where to host forms?

The way that we use forms is by hosting a page on our CMS and using the form embed code.

Not only does embedding the form allow you the ability to track (via Google Analytics, Ominiture, etc) the pageview, but it allows you further flexibility to use additional JavaScript and APIs to pre-populate and modify the form.

Examples of further flexibility include, but are not limited to:

- hiding of particular field values (as in certain select list values that apply/don't on a certain content offer)

- modification of field values on submit

- pre-population of fields with values from another 'gold source' system, like SFDC or otherwise