Re: What are the most important metrics you are tracking?

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What are the most important metrics for tracking

I recently joined my company and I am trying to figure a way to cover all aspects of the marketing journey with a hint of sales included. Essentially, my idea is to provide a good overview of reports on Marketo and understand how all of you are using it.

I much appreciate your inputs and feel free to contribute the way you want.

So far, I've created big buckets of reports, as follows:

  • Lead Reports
  • Email Reports
  • Campaign Reports
  • Website Reports
  • Revenue Cycle Reports
  • Landing Page Reports
  • Program Reports

Starting by creating groups kind of helped me to have more visibility and come up with reasonable metrics to track. Now, what kind of metrics and reports have you created?



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Re: What are the most important metrics you are tracking?

Great topic!

I've found Marketo's definitive guide to analytics to be a big help and I've aimed at generating most of these reports (some of them may not be relevant to your business).

marketo metrics.png

Located on page 36 of this guide: Marketing Metrics & Analytics [Ebook] - Marketo