Website Contact Form Best Practices with Salesforce

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Website Contact Form Best Practices with Salesforce

Looking at the optimal way to setup a contact form for a contact page in Marketo and have the "comments/questions" field sync to Salesforce.

I currently have this working with both systems syncing the "comment" field I created.  Problem is the field is overwritten anytime someone fills out the contact form.

The sales department would prefer the "comments" field to come through as activities or obviously something that isn't overwritten each time.

Any suggestions?

I also thought of creating an interesting moment just for the contact form, but then it would be limited to 140 characters, which I'm not a fan of.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Website Contact Form Best Practices with Salesforce

To make sure the information isn't overwritten, you can create a second field for contact us notes. I'd recommend writing directly to this field (ie. notes to append to contact us notes).

You would also have a smart campaign running listening for that data value to change.  When it changes, use tokens to append the information from that field (notes to append to contact us notes) to the primary field that syncs over to SFDC (contact us notes), just make sure to zero out the 'notes to append' field after your data transformation campaign.  

I do this for a "person notes" field.  My smart list is listening for a lead being created or data value change only where the notes to append field is not empty. My smart list changes the data value for the 'person notes' original field to "{{}} {{lead.Notes to Append to Person Notes}} | {{lead.Person Notes}}" and then I mark the notes to append to person notes field back to null.

Doing this will allow for a running log of notes in the field without overwriting any past information.