Webinar software for interview style videos

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Webinar software for interview style videos

Hi Marketo community,


We want to remotely record interview-style videos that show two people swapping back and forth in “active-speaker mode”.

Also it would be great to have an option for split-screen mode — and to be able to switch back and forth with split screen and active-speaker later in the edit.


I am trying to find an easy-to use  software that manages the “active speaker” mode as you record the interview — so there is less editing to do later?

Do you have any software suggestions? We use ON24 at this moment, but it doesnt really work for this type of vide Q&A.


Do you have any experience with below programs in the links below?




Thanks in advance!


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Re: Webinar software for interview style videos

I don't have any experience with those, but TwentyThree has a webinar solution that offers quite a high degree of director-style features with which you can control just that: https://www.twentythree.net/webinars