Webinar Registrations Across Workspaces and Partitions

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Webinar Registrations Across Workspaces and Partitions

Hi everyone,

I’m having an issue regarding webinar registrations across partitions and workspaces that I'm hoping to solve for.


Our Marketo instance is global and is broken up in workspaces and corresponding lead partitions for each country. Our BU (Business Unit) controls the US and Canadian workspace and partition.

The Issue:

We have a Canadian webinar in two days that was built in the Canadian workspace and is linked to our GoToWebinar account. We have 110 confirmed registrants in GTW, but we suspect there are more registrants that filled out the registration form on the mkto LP, but haven’t actually registered in GTW due to the cross-partition rules in Marketo. So for example, if I’m a lead in the US partition and I want to sign up for the webinar that was created in the Canadian partition, I fill out the form, am sent to the thank you page, but the flow step doesn’t work on me to mark my status as registered because I’m not in the Canadian partition. Is there a solution for this other than having two separate webinar programs for the US and Canada?

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Re: Webinar Registrations Across Workspaces and Partitions

If you want the initial program to work you could purposefully create duplicates by adjusting the de-duplication rules to include partition ID. Support would do this for you. Outside of this I don't think there is anyway to my knowledge unless you share partion access with the other workspace which doesn't sound like an option from your setup description.

We will see if anyone else weighs in with any other creative solutions...

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Re: Webinar Registrations Across Workspaces and Partitions

I agree in this situation you need separate workflows and Programs within each workspace.

What you can do is run a smart list like

  • Filled Out Canadian Webinar
  • AND
  • Member of Partition=US

and then reprocess them in a US program. This smart list probably has to exist in the Global WS.

Alternatively, you can create a Global WS that sees all the partitions like Kevin suggests and have certain programs live there.