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Webhook Cvent/Marketo

We're using the Cvent/Marketo integration, but this does not map the amount paid by event registrants to Marketo. I've reached out the Cvent support, and they said "amount paid" is not included in the native integration mapping to Marketo. 

Has anyone used a webhook to get additional registrant details from Cvent to Marketo? Or can anyone recommend a more efficient solution?

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Re: Webhook Cvent/Marketo

Yes, but "webhook" is oversimplifying it, because you have to use Marketo's webhooks to connect to an intermediate gateway, which in turn manages connections to the Cvent web services API.

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Re: Webhook Cvent/Marketo

Cvent offers outbound webhooks which may be what the OP is referring to.

But I don't know what Cvent's webhooks are capable of

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Re: Webhook Cvent/Marketo

You can sync a single custom field to Marketo via Cvent. If you're looking for event paid info, this would be your best bet. 


When in your Cvent account, go to:

Admin > Integrations > Push API Integrations > select a Marketo configuration > Field Mappings

To do this:

  1. Click Save.
  2. Click Actions and select Retrieve Marketo Fields. All standard and custom object fields will be retrieved and displayed. The following fields will be displayed:
    • Marketo Field: The name of each Marketo field.
    • Marketo Object: “Lead” or the name of the custom objects you have retrieved. In Marketo, if you make any changes to the fields of the custom objects, you will need to retrieve the fields again.
    • Required in Marketo: Indicates whether the field is required to be filled out for leads in Marketo.
    • Default in Marketo: Indicates whether the field has a default value in Marketo.
    • Default Export Value: Only used when a new lead is created in Marketo and the mapped Cvent field is empty.
    • Cvent Field: A corresponding Cvent field that the Marketo field is mapped to.
  3. For each Marketo field retrieved, click […] and then select the Cvent field that will be mapped to it.
  4. After you have set up your field mappings, click Save.

Note: When data is being copied, text will be truncated if it exceeds the character limit of the field it is being mapped to.

Tip: Use a default export value for a Marketo field if:

  • The field does not have a corresponding Cvent field
  • The value of the field should not change when it is transferred from Cvent to Marketo

Developer info here: 

Stephanie Sweetland