Webhook calling Google web app does not work

Webhook calling Google web app does not work


I'm trying to configure a webhook that will send a value of 1 the a Google web app in a spreadsheet document. The web app takes every query string values and put it in a corresponding column.

For the moment I've created a standalone campaign with a Call Webhook in the Flow section. The Call Webhook has my test webhook selected. The test webhook has the url of my web app with this as query string: ?counter=1&system_date={{system.dateTime:default=null}}

If I'm trying the url manually it does add the values to my spreadsheet document but when I'm using the Run once in the Schedule section nothing appear in the spreadsheet doc.

Can someone help?

Thank you

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Re: Webhook calling Google web app does not work

Webhooks can only run from a Trigger campaign, so you will need to chain a Batch campaign with the Request Campaign flow step.

You should also provide more info if you need to update the thread: the Results tab tells you the actions taken by a campaign, and an affected lead's Activity Log will also be updated. That's where you should start w/troubleshooting. In this case there's probably an Error 1000 being logged.