Re: Web Form SFDC Sync for new leads

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Web Form SFDC Sync for new leads

Hi All,

I am new to Marketo and we just changed our form on our website from a SFDC form to a Marketo form. I have cloned the "Marketing Program Template - Web Form Contact Us" and changed everything to make my form that is on our web page. I had our implementation consultant look over it yesterday because our alert email wasn't going out and she fixed that issue. However, today I learned that we had two new leads fill out form online but they were not created or synced into Salesforce. Is this something that I need to add to our smart list? Our Salesforce sync is working because we have been working our possible duplicates list so I am assuming it is a step I am missing.

Can anyone help identify if I need to create a list/trigger or whatever you call it for when a new lead comes in off a form for it to be synced/created in salesforce? I have attached two screen shots for reference of my flow and smart list.

Thanks so much!


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Re: Web Form SFDC Sync for new leads

You need to setup a sync flow to push leads to SFDC.


Sync Lead to SFDC [auto assignment]

or setup a basic lead lifecycle that syncs on form fill out and/or Lead Score.

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Re: Web Form SFDC Sync for new leads

Hi Josh,

I'm also new to Marketo.  Can you walk me through the steps to syncing lead to SFDC via SFDC assignment rule? I don't see an option in the smart campaign flow.