Re: Web Form Not Syncing to SFDC

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Web Form Not Syncing to SFDC

We have a web form we use that has the State as a field which has to be populated to submit the form. However if it not syncing to Marketo. I can see in the activity that it is pulling in the state but in SFDC it does not come through. Is this something we can fix on the Marketo end? I cannot seem to figure out how to get it sync'd up together?


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Re: Web Form Not Syncing to SFDC


It is possible that the "state" field in this form is not mapped to the "state" field in SFDC. Navigate to Admin > Field Management and bring in this "state" field from the form. Verify that it's "CRM Field Map" is the same as the field in SFDC.

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Re: Web Form Not Syncing to SFDC

Hi Tara - Besides Devraj's comment, are the values in your Marketo normalized with the values you are capturing in SFDC? For example, if you're capturing abbreviation on your Marketo form (CA) but in SFDC the state name is spelled out (California), then the value will not populate. They need to match.