We've Installed Sales Insight, now what?

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We've Installed Sales Insight, now what?

Hi, We've recently installed MSI. Our next steps are launching to the tool to our sales team. Does anyone have any best practices or user documentation they would be willing to share on "in the eyes of a rep" - the critical things they need to know? I've skimmed the University but nothing seems to be straight and to the point.

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Re: We've Installed Sales Insight, now what?

Hey Amy, Marketo has pretty solid documentation on MSI - Marketo Sales Insight - Marketo Docs - Product Docs

Here are some more resources:

Marketo Sales Insight Benefits Overview for Sales Teams


I've also attached a couple pdf's I had on MSI. There used to be a good video on this in the University, but it doesn't seem to be available any longer.

I rolled it out to 3 different sales teams, so here are some practical tips from my experience:

1. Most useful features (according to the sales reps)

     1.1. Opportunity Influence Analyzer - Configure an Opportunity Influence Analyzer - Marketo Docs - Product Docs

     1.2. Watchlist

     1.3. Customized views

     1.4. Interesting moments and other engagement data

2. Things to consider from implementation and maintenance perspective

     2.1. Interesting moments - define what they should be (make sure your sales team agrees), log them consistently, a lot of MSI functionality depends on this. I would suggest setting up a series of smart campaigns that would listen to the activities in your instance and log interesting moments.

     2.2. Scoring - you need to have a functioning scoring system to use MSI to its full potential, without scoring you won't be able to use stars, flames, best bets, etc

It's a pretty big topic, I am more than happy to have a chat about it offline, follow me so that we can message each other or hit me up on LinkedIn

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Re: We've Installed Sales Insight, now what?


Please remember that most IMs should be combined with Scoring triggers or batches to reduce the load on the system. Most triggers here are precisely the same.

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Re: We've Installed Sales Insight, now what?

Josh, we have centralized scoring and IMs as that's how Marketo advised us to set it up initially. What you suggest makes sense. Do you have 1 program for main scoring and IMs with each trigger campaign having 3 flow steps (lead score, behavior or demo score, and IM)?

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Re: We've Installed Sales Insight, now what?

We do not currently have Salesforce, we are using Zoho CRM. Features like "best bets" and "watch list" are they available only in Salesforce?

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Re: We've Installed Sales Insight, now what?

Is the Interesting Moments feature designed to be a “record-keeper” of all historical touch points for a contact? Or, is it more like a friendly one-time notification for the salesperson using CRM, with the interesting moment customized to whatever is deemed “interesting” by sales? Just wasn’t sure how many of these notifications can be passed over to CRM/sales, or if/where the data is stored and what it was really designed/not designed to accomplish. Thoughts?

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Re: We've Installed Sales Insight, now what?

We are about to launch Marketo Sales Insights to our sales team and I am in the middle of putting together a training document for them outlining the purpose of each tab.  One tab I feel that will cause some confusion is the Anonymous Web Activity, mainly due to the fact that we don't have territories set up in Salesforce.

My question is: is it necessary (or recommended) to have territories set up to use this feature?  Or can an individual MSI user just choose which states he/she wishes to monitor?

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Re: We've Installed Sales Insight, now what?

Hey Amy, check out the most recent Marketo KreweChat on MSI! #KreweChats - Episode #9: Marketo Sales Insight