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Wait Step Syntax

Hi all,

Just wanted to flag an issue that I caught in one of our webinar smart campaigns. The smart campaign was set up for reminder emails; the campaign would send one the day before, then wait till thirty minutes prior to the webinar to send another reminder.

One of our marketing team members tried to use 23.5 hours as the wait step. This did not show up as an error unless you clicked on the gear to the right to customize advanced settings. This would end up leaving the wait step empty, thus not sending the second reminder email.

The syntax has to be X hours X minutes for this wait step to work. Be sure to check your wait steps!

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Re: Wait Step Syntax

You can express that in minutes as well or use a Date Token - Wait Until.

However, I've had problems with this in the past where an error in the wait step can easily cause this Reminder to go out a week later.

Highly recommend scheduled smart campaign Batch or to use the Reminder feature in the webinar tool.