Visit webpage trigger not working as expected?

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Visit webpage trigger not working as expected?

Hi all,
I am seeing a weird issue in our client's Marketo instance i.e Marketo is tracking all webpages on their website as well as Eloqua Landing pages, when I goto test contact record activity page I can see "visit web page" there. However, I have setup a scoring campaign where I want to score contacts based on visit web page. The smart list is a trigger i.e. "Visits Web Page" contains = "List of pages" (here I have list of pages I want to track each on new line as we usually do in Marketo).
I am seeing that the trigger campaign is scoring contacts for webpage activity (website) as well as landing pages. But it is only scoring those landing pages where subdomain is "" and not the one where subdomain is

Note: In their Marketo instance they have setup the landing pages CNAME in this way > Not sure if this is causing the issue or if there is something wrong with trigger itself.


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Re: Visit webpage trigger not working as expected?

Please supply the actual URLs of example pages.

They may well have configured Munchkin incorrectly, but it's impossible to guess.