View in Browser Issues

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View in Browser Issues

Hi guys,

Can someone tell me whether the view in browser link only works when you send the actual email out.  When I'm clicking on view in browser in the sample emails I am seeing a page with the following line "Cannot get email content- Email could not be found44939".

I have built a French and English version of an email but I'm only sending the french version. I want to include a "view in English" link to let people view an English version if they want.

I was just going to approve both emails and add the view in browser link from the English email into the french one.  Is there a better way to do this?

Thanks for your help.


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Re: View in Browser Issues

Gerard Donnelly

The View in Browser link does work for email sample sends.

How are you sending you sample?

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Re: View in Browser Issues

I have the same issue, but instead of an error message, I just see text and the URLs for my links and images. Here is an example of what I saw when I viewed a more recent email in browser through a sample.

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