Vertify Connector Marketo and ZOHO CRM

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Vertify Connector Marketo and ZOHO CRM

Hi all,

I would like to ask if anyone has some experience in working with Vertify to connect Marketo with CRM (not SFDC and D365)?


We will have a project to connect our current Marketo instance to ZOHO via the Vertify team, not sure if anyone has worked with Vertify. I would like to know about the experience of working with the Vertify team and the connector product itself, and if anyone has a chance to know what needs to be prepared before the connecting that would be much appreciated, thanks a lot!


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Re: Vertify Connector Marketo and ZOHO CRM

I worked with Vertify in the past on a Marketo/Salesforce connector that was supposed to bring in Custom Object data from SFDC to Marketo we couldn't retrieve with the native integration. I found their support team extremely helpful. The product itself was probably not as slick and well-rounded as some other modern apps, but solid, functional and understandable for me, who is not a developer. And it could handle huge loads, as we had a pretty big SFDC (15MM records) and a huge Marketo (60+ MM records) in sync.


Can't comment on ZOHO, though.