Velocity Token Fail to Render?

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Velocity Token Fail to Render?

Hi guys,

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Wondering if you know about this problem before?

Basically the velocity tokens here doesn't seem to render for one of our clients.

This is the first time we encountered this problem.

The last modification of the program was last month, and it has ran through thousands of people. No problem until now.

We live tested this program again but it cannot reproduce the problem


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Re: Velocity Token Fail to Render?

Not really enough info here (especially if you're saying you can't repro this for the same client that reported it earlier).

If $SomeHashMap.get(property) returns null then Velocity will print the source code for $SomeHashMap.get(property).otherproperty

That's how VTL deals "gracefully" with intermediate nulls instead of throwing NullPointerExceptions.