Velocity scripts for survey Question

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Velocity scripts for survey Question

 Hi @SanfordWhiteman ,


Please help me in figuring out to write a VTL code for survey question.


Business case- planning to send an email to 100 contacts (having survey links that display dynmically in the email while sending the email ) who filled different - different survey links like someone fills google survey, someone fills monkey survey links and vice versa.


Any idea how to proceed in marketo. is it feasible in marketo to do the same by using VTL?



Rahul Kumar

rahul kumar
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Re: Velocity scripts for survey Question

Hi Rahul,


It all depends on how you're storing the data. Velocity can choose content in myriad ways: simple Lead/Company fields, Custom Object field values, Opportunities, segment membership, complex data (JSON) stored in Text Area fields, even the current time of day, and any combination of those!


So definitely VTL is key to complex dynamic output.


But not knowing what else you've got going on in your instance, it's not something where I could give particular code pointers.