Variable Lead Owner Depending on Division, Territory, and Vertical

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Variable Lead Owner Depending on Division, Territory, and Vertical

Our company has 3 divisions, each with sales reps who could all own contacts/leads in SFDC. Would it make sense to set up fields in Marketo for Division A Owner Name and Email, Division B Owner Name and Email, and Division C owner name and email?  Then we could designate email from name and email as those fields using tokens?

For example, Say I'm a lead in Marketo. Division A sales rep is Sally, Division B sales rep is Mark, and Division C sales rep is Bruce. Marketing sets up a Marketo campaign with Division A Messaging so emails would need to come from Sally, the Division A sales rep. Would my proposed solution accomplish this?

I don't necessarily need to the SFDC lead/contact owner to change. I just want the email to come from the appropriate rep.

Please let me know if you have any advice. Thanks in advance!

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Re: Variable Lead Owner Depending on Division, Territory, and Vertical

Hi AMy,

Yes this makes sense. Pay attention tough on how you implement it in SFDC. 2 possibilities here :

  • You create just plain text and email fields. The sync with Marketo will work well but the issue will be to populate these fields and keep them up-to-date each time territories change or a sales rep quits and a new one is hired
  • You create 3 lookup fields in SFDC that link to users. in this case, the fields in Marketo will show SFDC IDs. something like this : "50057000313VoRS". Not very usable . So you might then create formula fields that retrieve and display the user name and the user email. But pay attention to these : the fact that you create these formula fields will not guarantee that you always show the right value. For instance, if you change a user email, it will cange the formula fields values displayed in SFDC but not in Marketo, as the contact would not have been updated and therefore not synchronized with Marketo. At the beginning, create the 2 formula fields prior to filling the lookup ones. and each time you change some values in the user object, you will need to force a resync to all SFDC contacts that relate to this user.

A third solution is available that mixes both approaches plus a trigger, but it might be an overkill in this case.


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Re: Variable Lead Owner Depending on Division, Territory, and Vertical

Expanding on Greg's thought; always go for a Single Source Of The Truth. You don't want to lead owner information in Salesforce AND in Marketo. What happens when someone leaves the company and Marketo is not updated?