Re: Validate JSON Has Map Data

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Re: Validate JSON Has Map Data

I have no idea, and no way to tell. I just know all the IF statements and the code i used to even save a variable from the TEXT token doesn't work, and it works just fine if it's a SCRIPT token. That's the only thing that's changed.


If i try to do a simple #set variable  and then just print it, I get the variable printed on the page no matter what i do. WIth the result in a script token that doesn't happen.


#set( $CID = $clinics.Map.get($CID).NME)


This will just print $CID on the page, if I use a SCRIPT token to store Clinics instead of Text, it works as expected.

If i just print $clinics.Map.get($CID).NME it works as expected. We tried a ton of variations on stuff in this thread above, and i think somehow it's coming back to it being a TEXT tokens vs a SCRIPT, but I have no idea how to handle it.