Recurring Webinars via zoom

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Recurring Webinars via zoom



we shifted to Marketo this month and I currently have to automate an online gym I have created for our customers. 

The gym has a total of 17 different classes that have between 1 to 3 recurrences a week. Since we just shifted to Marketo and the only capacitation we were give was of sending an email, I am completely lost with the tool and how to automate the following:


1. Connect Marketo with zoom: this way I can automate event name, timings and the different schedules for the same class during 2020. 

2. create a custom form that allows a client to subscribe to any of the different 17 available classes (if it's possible to attach an image so they can see the timings of each class in the calendar) in addition to their email.

2. Send reminder emails before each class to all my subscribers

3. Every month send an evaluation form to the class subscribers to assess different things.   





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Re: Recurring Webinars via zoom

Hi Giovanna, welcome to the Marketing Nation! Have you done any Marketo training yet? I highly recommend, it's free, self-paced interactive training that will get you up to speed. You will need to create a login separately from your Marketo login.


Once you are comfortable with Marketo, I recommend creating a Program Template for your webinars with Program Tokens, this will make it easy to quickly create the webinars you need in Marketo.


I have not used Zoom webinars so I can't help with that part.

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Re: Recurring Webinars via zoom

Hi @giovanna 


Of course getting familiar with the tool first is a must. Because as far as I know, you will need to find a workaround for this one. 

The Zoom integration doesn't currently support recurring webinars, which will make your life a little harder. 


In deed the best option for you will probably be to create a "tokenized gym class marketo webinar template" that you can clone over and over. You could probably do with one template per each of your 17 classes. You WILL need a new marketo program for each session though... 

Tokens will make the cloning easier, but for each session you will still need to: 

  1. create / clone webinar in zoom (perhaps you will be able to skip this step if you use recurring webinars)
  2. create / clone webinar program
  3. connect zoom webinar with Marketo webinar program
  4. modify all tokens (mostly dates and times - all the "variables" so to speak, that's what tokens are, the rest remains the same)
  5. activate all campaigns

You are probably better off relying on zoom and it's internal invitation emails, at least at the beginning. And use marketo perhaps more for the sake of reporting. 

But the way I see it, keep in mind that if you have 3 sessions a week of "cardio-box" you will need to do the process above 3 times a week, ideally with enough time for people to subscribe. 

You may be able to not have to clone the zoom webinar each time and create a recurring series, but as i said, the integration does not support this feature, so you WILL have to clone the Marketo program each run and connect it for information on attendance to flow into Marketo. 


There is a feature in Marketo that lets you import programs from a library.

Here is some documentation on it:



I haven't used it extensively, but could be a good starting point for your templates, especially if you are not too familiar. 

Just keep in Mind tokens and tokenized programs are kind of advanced and will require some testing until you feel comfortable with it. 


I hope this helps...