Using tokens to highlight multiple values

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Using tokens to highlight multiple values

Hi everyone,

Somewhat new user here with a question: I have a use case where I'd like to notify a vendor of ours, that their products are being featured on our storefront! The issue is, we are featuring 5 different products from this vendor. I've created a custom filed "product ID". But I can only put 1 value in here. Thus, when I use a product ID token, I can only notify them of ONE of their products that is being featured, rather than all 5.

Is there a way to notify them of all 5 products? I heard custom objects is a tool that could help. How do I use tokens that reference multiple values in custom objects?

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Using tokens to highlight multiple values

You don't need custom objects for this.

Just use a textarea field and choose a delimiter character -- semicolon, pipe, etc. -- that's appropriate to separate multiple values.

(I personally would store the products in JSON format but that may not be familiar to you.)