Re: using custom objects details as email tokens

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using custom objects details as email tokens

we are really exited with marketo custom objects b/c i will enable us to re-structure our database in a more efficient way

however, i came to an issue that might arise that i'm currently unable to solve

can custom objects details be reffered to as tokens in an email template?

for example, i have a custom object for licence track

licence track.PNG

and i want to include a # of outdated licenses that person has in an email


John, you have {} outdated licenses.

in an old model i'd use this field as token {{lead.ALL Outdated Licenses:default=edit me}} which worked perfectly

but as i see custom objects do not work in this way

is there a workaround to this?

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Re: using custom objects details as email tokens

Hi Vlada Prasolova,

You will have to use velocity script tokens. See Email Scripting » Marketo Developers

These are exactly designed to do what you need to.


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Re: using custom objects details as email tokens

Hi Vlada.

You should be able to use Velocity Email Script tokens for this purpose. You will have to create 'Script token' at program level with appropriate script code in them. And in your email, you would be able to merge that 'script token' (instead of the custom object directly).

This way, you can do things like, (assuming you store all the licences a lead owns in a custom object), print 'First licence bought', or 'Last licence bought', 'total number of expired licences', 'total number of active licences etc'. You will just create appropriate code in the corresponding email script token.

In your post you mentioned 'email template' also. I think you meant email and not 'email template'. Since email script tokens are defined at program level, you can not merge them in a 'global' email template you define in Design Studio.

Hope this helps

Rajesh Talele