Uploading discoverorg leads into MArketo -- ok?

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Uploading discoverorg leads into MArketo -- ok?



can anyone let me know if uploading lists from discoverorg into Marketo causes any issues?

we need to to sync between our database and we upload via Marketo, just want to make sure we dont get flagged or anything...



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Re: Uploading discoverorg leads into MArketo -- ok?

I think companies like DiscOrg have policies in place to safeguard you. Might want to fact-check and reach out to your CSAM there though. 


In regards to technical issues - I don't think you'll run into anything other than maybe a few failures for sloppy formatting of data. 

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Re: Uploading discoverorg leads into MArketo -- ok?

DiscoverOrg does not at all vet their lists for regulatory compliance (not to mention informal anti-spam compliance). They're also responsible for simply despicable disinformation about GDPR.

You endanger other people on your shared instance by sending to non-opted-in leads.

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Re: Uploading discoverorg leads into MArketo -- ok?


 Thank you for asking about whether this source of leads would cause problems.  As @SanfordWhiteman pointed out there are definitely quality issues that are of concern any time you are mailing to a list of email recipients who have not opted in to hear from you.


In addition to the risk to your success from a third party list, sending email to a purchased list is a violation of Adobe's Acceptable Use Policy. I added emphasis below to the specific term in our AUP..  https://www.adobe.com/legal/terms/aup.html


Prohibition against Unsolicited Email/Spam:

Customers must refrain from directly or indirectly sending, transmitting, distributing, or delivering:

(i) Unsolicited bulk email ("spam" or "spamming”) i.e., emails to persons who have not consented to the receipt of such emails by providing their email address in a manner from which consent to receive email may be reasonably implied.

(ii) Email to an address obtained via Internet harvesting or other surreptitious methods (e.g., scraping, renting, purchased list, co-registration, affiliate marketing, incomplete or old lists; or email appending).  Adobe defines email appending as a marketing practice that involves taking known Customer Data (name, address, etc.) and matching it against a third-party vendor’s database to obtain email addresses.

(iii) Email that generates abuse/spam complaints or spam trap hits resulting in IP/Domain blacklisting or other deliverability issues that could have material impact on Adobe or its client’s reputation.


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