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Updating template in design studio

Hi there,

We are going through a rebrand right now and need to update all of our landing pages and emails in Marketo. My question is:

If we were to update the templates we use for our landing pages and our email templates (3, maybe 4 total), will all of the emails we've created with that template also be auto-updated? Or will we have to recreate every single email using the same template (now revised). Same question for landing pages. Any thoughts?

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Re: Updating template in design studio

Recreate, no. Reapprove, yes.

One of the most important considerations you can make toward future maintainability (though too late for this round) is to use tokens and draftless snippets, which can be changed without reapproval. Learn more about these options in the docs and by searching the Community.

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Re: Updating template in design studio

Awesome, that's great news! Thank you!

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Re: Updating template in design studio

Hey Jennifer! Sanford makes some great points, I'd love to add to this.

I will say it's not a blanket statement of "no" to re-create, though. It kind of depends on a few things:

  • Is your brand taking a drastic change or just a few colors, your logo and maybe font?
  • While you're making edits, are you moving to 2.0 if your emails are in the 'Legacy'?
  • Are you planning to add or remove anything from your templates with the brand updates?
  • Do you have inline styling in your local Email Assets that are overriding Template styles?

There are just a ton of nuances to template updates we've seen at LeadMD with a ton of our clients. So I'd say it's "safe" to NOT recreate, if you're updating simple things like colors, fonts and your logo, then just approve any local assets that are active. BUT anything else listed above may require a clone of those templates and adjustments made to the clones. Also

Also totally agree with Sanford on using snippets and tokens, this may help you avoid the concept of approving local assets when you need to make image or content edits, not necessarily structural or extreme branding edits.

Here are a couple other tips we drafted around Summit last year for email design best practices if you'd like to learn a few more tips and tricks:
Don't Gamble With Your Email Design! - LeadMD

Natasha Ness

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