Unbounce and Marketo??

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Unbounce and Marketo??

Hello All,

Why would I need Unbounce of I have Marketo?   I've been trying to find the benefits of integrating yet another system into a system that should be more than proficient at hosting my landing pages.

What can Unbounce do that Marketo cannot?  What do I get for the extra expense and integrations?

If anyone has any experience I'm keen to find out the pros and cons of both.

thanks in advance

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Re: Unbounce and Marketo??

The pages are pretty. That's what you get -- and for some people, that's plenty.

The integration is junk (build your own integration using the Marketo Forms endpoint, or it [a] will not work and [b] has a major security vulnerability).

Marketo LPs are endlessly flexible, but services like Unbounce are built for look-and-feel above all else. If you have a top-notch designer who can create Guided LP Templates in Marketo, there's no reason to use those other services, but even large companies don't have that kind of person consistently available for campaigns.