Unable to Unapprove Email

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Unable to Unapprove Email

I'm currently attempting to remove an old segmentation, and am going through all the old emails that utilized that segmentation to unapprove them.  While I was going through the emails, I came across an email that was approved and I was unable to unapprove the email.


The email in question is part of an aborted program.  That aborted program also had an A/B test (not sure if this is relevant). I am unable to unapprove the email because it's currently "in-use" by the aborted program, and I can't remove the A/B test, the email from the program, or delete the program.


How do I go about unapproving/removing assets from aborted programs like this?

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Re: Unable to Unapprove Email

This is a great question, @choldenNJ! I tried emulating this in my Sandbox and faced the similar challenge. Of course, archiving the program won't solve this. I believe as of now the only way out would be to delete the program. Most likely, losing analytics data may not be a huge deal breaker for you as you aborted the program anyway.