unable to approve email template

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unable to approve email template

i created an email template in marketo and validated html as well. i can send sample emails too.but while i am getting

"One or more mktEditable sections have errors. Make sure you have at least one and that they all have valid IDs"

i am also sharing the screenshot with you.Please help me

Thank you in advance

Sideeq Shafi Rather

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Re: unable to approve email template


I'm not entirely sure in your case, but I have seen this error before when I have accidently left an extra blank line above my HTML when copying & pasting the code.


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Re: unable to approve email template

Interesting on the blank spaces.

The error message specifically refers to Editable Areas that allow you to use the Editor properly. If the DIV tag is wrong, it could break something when the Editor is used.

Add Editable Sections to Email Templates v1.0 - Marketo Docs - Product Docs

Probably most likely to occur as a mistake or with the Blank Template method when you drop in code and don't care that much about Editable sections.