Two lead role fields

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Two lead role fields

Hi, I'm hoping anyone can help me, as I'm feeling pretty helpless at this point.

We recently synced Marketo to SalesForce (which is still in the development/testing process).  After deciding upon Role Types, I added the Lead.Role field to some forms on our website.  I noticed that there were two different Lead.Role fields, one under "Lead Info" and one under "SFDC Custom Fields."

Lead Role.png

SFDC Lead Role Field.jpg

This is the Lead.Role field from "SFDC Custom Fields" in my form.  I don't want these options nor this field, so I deleted it.

When I added the correct Lead.Role field from "Lead Info," it's a plain text field. I changed it to be Select, and added my options.

MKTO Lead Role Field - Select Values.jpg

My problem is that I have chosen the "Lead Info" Role field for our web forms, but when I try to insert the field token in an Email Alert, I'm unable to determine which Lead.Role token is correct.

Email - Insert Token - Lead Role.jpg

I've tried basic troubleshooting where I include both, bold one so I can distinguish the two, and then filled out the form to get a test email.  It sends back with no value.  Additionally, when I go back to Field Management, it shows the wrong field is being used by my email alerts.

MKTO Lead Role Field.jpg

SFDC Lead Role Field 2 .jpg

I am trying to figure out how to get the values properly showing in the token for my email alerts.  Can anyone help me out or give any suggestions on how to simplify this and make it easier on us?

I appreciate any help!

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Re: Two lead role fields

Monica, did you try to see if you can rename the field by clicking on the word Role above the separation line? I have successfully renamed fields like that in the past. The only caveat is that you cannot rename it if the field is being used. See here: Re: Is it possible to modify the 'friendly name' label on a custom field?

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Re: Two lead role fields

Thank you Alex!  I was able to re-name the SFDC Role field so I can distinguish the two.  I really appreciate your help