Re: Troubleshoot GotoWebinar issue

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Troubleshoot GotoWebinar issue

Hey -- I'm having some trouble with my Marketo/GotoWebinar instance. We host a lot of webinars and I haven't had a problem, but now the registrants are not showing up on the GotoWebinar side. I was hoping I could troubleshoot here with the Marketo community.

- The program is set up and synced to the correct webinar program in GotoWebinar.

- The event login and event number match that of GotoWebinars.

- When checking Launchpoint, GotoWebinar is still active.

- The flow step in Marketo is - if lead fills out form, their program status changes to Webinar > Registered, and they are added to a list. The form in this flow step is the one associated with the program. So far, around 10 leads have filled out the form and have been added to the list, but none are showing up in GotoWebinar.

Any other ideas of what I'm doing wrong?

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Re: Troubleshoot GotoWebinar issue

Hey Caitlin,

I know this is going to seem like one of the most idiotic answers ever (it's because it's the classic - "did you plug it in?") but over the past 10 years what I find is that that I myself go to so much effort double and triple and quadruple checking the complicated stuff, that I often over look the simplest things that I take for granted.

Now that I've excused myself for stating the obvious

The thing that is almost always the reason that my GTW/MKTO connection fails is because there's the annoying little checkbox in the GTW setup page for the event.

Good luck!


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Re: Troubleshoot GotoWebinar issue

Guy Goldstein​ that could be it! Can you be more specific about the checkbox? I can't see what you mean.