Triggering a Nurture Program from SFDC Campaign

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Triggering a Nurture Program from SFDC Campaign

I am in the process of setting up a nurture program to trigger as the result of a sales rep adding a lead to a SFDC campaign. Usually, we have our nurture programs launch as a result of a lead entering the system overall, so this is a slightly new set up for me.  I have set up standard email campaigns to go from Sales Insights/SFDC Campaigns but not a nurture, so the transitions are throwing me a little and I am not sure if I am a step behind each one or if I am setting these up right. We have 5 emails in this nurture track, and I have set up the streams as follows:

Talent Management Nurture.png

The plan to get this to activate is as follows:

  • Sales rep adds lead to SFDC campaign
  • Cadence:
    • Email 1 sends as soon as the lead is added to the campaign and program
    • Email 2 sends a week after the first
    • Email 3 sends a week after the second
    • Email 4 sends a week after the third
    • Email 5 sends a week after the fourth
  • Using the transition within the streams, I have set up everything as follows:

Talent Management Nurture Transitions.png

At the very end (once Email 5 has been delivered), I have a final stream named "Program Complete" that I would like to move people into. For that, I have used a smart campaign that denotes the Smart List as the delivery of Email 5 and then the Flow to change the stream they are in.

Am I setting this up correctly? Or would it be smarter to have one stream for all five emails, and set the cadence from there - my only concern is if we wanted to change the cadence to be less regular (i.e. email 2 after 3 days, email 4 after 5 days etc). Can that be done in the standard cadence settings or would that then be an occasion to use the transition rules?

Help is always appreciated and if I have missed out any information, please let me know. Also, if my second


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Re: Triggering a Nurture Program from SFDC Campaign

You can make this simpler.

  1. Add to SFDC Campaign - triggers Email 1 and the addition to Stream 1
  2. Stream 1 is a weekly cadence
  3. Use a batch campaign to say "When Member of Stream 1 is Exhausted, Change to Stream 2 - End"

But the point of an Engagement is that this is a Regular Cadence program where you add more and more content (or swap regularly). If you need an irregular cadence, use a smart campaign+wait steps.

Now, you can shift people to faster or slower streams, but the cadence itself is still regular in each stream.

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Re: Triggering a Nurture Program from SFDC Campaign

Hey Josh,

Simpler is always appreciated! I do have further questions:

  • Should I use Smart Campaigns only rather than using the transition rules within each stream?
  • If I make Stream 1 a weekly cadence, that usually requires a specific day for the email to be sent out - I would like the cadence to be based on when the lead is added to the campaign so that they aren't waiting for a specific day of the week

If you wouldn't mind laying it out in terms of set up for me, that would be hugely helpful.

Many thanks,