Triggered and batch cocktail

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Triggered and batch cocktail

Hello All,

I have inherited a complex flow of which this is just one campaign of many.

My question is and I have only just thought about it, can you actually mix triggered and batch.  Or in this case is it simply providing a filter to the triggered behaviour so doesnt need a schedule?  the trigger obviously fires as and when but how are the filters applied, on each trigger?




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Re: Triggered and batch cocktail

Hi Mark,

The filters are, as you said, simply providing a filter to the triggered behavior--so the lead was created, but it also contains those products and doesn't have those email domains. Once a lead is created that meets that filter criteria, then and only then does it fire. When you create a record in Marketo, if it's coming with extra information, that all gets transferred in one go; it doesn't go :OK, lead created, next activity is creating the email address, then the product, etc." Thus having to use a combo of triggers and filters.